The Truth Behind Artificial Sweeteners

October 18, 2017
You probably know the negative health effects of eating too much sugar, especially "added sugars" like in soda pop, candy, baked goods, and many commercially-available cereals, just to name a few.  Added sugar is hiding just about everywhere in the grocery store. Yes, ingesting refined sugar spikes your blood sugar and insulin, and increases your risk for a whole host of issues. A while ago, one of the food industry’s responses to the de

Adrenal Fatigue: What Is It?

October 11, 2017
Stressed? Tired? Craving sugar? Can’t sleep?   All of these can be related to the constant stress we feel in our lives. We know that stress can have a huge impact on our health and wellness. And, since your adrenal glands produce stress hormones, adrenal fatigue (or “HPA Axis Dysregulation,”) is a popular theme lately.   Your adrenal glands look like walnuts that live on top of both of your kidneys. These important gla

October: Client Spotlight Of The Month

October 5, 2017
Congrats to Caridad Aviles for being our Forte Client Spotlight! "A picture is worth a thousand words" Forte Fitness has helped me change my life. I wanted and needed to make a change both physically and mentally. I have always been a pretty slender person and as a matter of fact I was known as the skinny "twin" growing up. Even after the birth of my children I was still pretty petite. Being a Native New Yorker and having to walk 20 bloc

Coffee – Who can drink and who should avoid?

September 1, 2017
Coffee is one of those things - you either love it or hate it. You know if you like the taste or not (or if it’s just a reason to drink sugar and cream). You know how it makes you feel (i.e. your gut, your mind, etc.).   Not to mention the crazy headlines that say coffee is great, and the next day you should avoid it!   There is actual science behind why different people react differently to it. It's a matter of your genet

Is My Poop Normal?

August 28, 2017
Yes, I'm serious! (And don't you sometimes wonder anyway?)   You already know that your poop can reflect your physical, and sometimes even emotional, health.   You may get constipation or have diarrhea when you eat something that "doesn't agree with you," or when you're super-nervous about something. And what about fiber and water? If you’re not getting enough, it’ll probably show in your poop. What about the all-i

Five Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks You Will Love

August 21, 2017
The words “weight-loss” and “snacks” often appear in the same sentence.   But that might also bring thoughts of "tasteless," "cardboard," and "completely unsatisfying."   Right?   Let me give you my best weight-loss friendly snacks that aren't just nutritious but also delicious! What’s my criteria you ask? They have to be nutrient-dense whole foods where a little goes a long way;  foods that conta

Can My Symptoms Actually Be a Food Intolerance?

August 15, 2017
Food intolerances or "sensitivities" can affect you in so many ways.   And they’re a lot more common than most people think.   I'm not talking about anaphylaxis or immediate allergic reactions that involve an immune response. Those can be serious and life-threatening.  If you have any allergies, you need to steer clear of any traces of foods you are allergic to, and speak with your doctor or pharmacist about emergency med

All About Digestive Enzymes

August 1, 2017
Not everyone should be taking digestive enzyme supplements; and not all of them are created equal. As a trainer, I find that many people with digestive issues want to jump straight into using a supplement. And many times I would rather try other strategies first. Not to mention, that some supplements can be harmful if used inappropriately. So, let’s dive into a few of the common digestive enzymes, what they do, and who should NOT take the

Haven’t Changed Anything in Your Diet But Getting Fatter?

June 20, 2017
You are positive that you're not eating more food or “junkier” food but you're still gaining weight.   Is this possible? Yes! You are NOT crazy! And here's why.   We both know that the whole “calories in, calories out” argument is an overly simplistic view of weight. There's definitely more to the story than just what you're eating, right? A lot of this comes right down to your metabolic rate which is aff

Menopausal Women: Do This Before You Take the Meds Your Doctor Prescribed

May 22, 2017
Of course, listen to what your doctor says. And also listen to what your body says. We both know that what you eat and how you move can make a HUGE improvement in some of the symptoms of menopause.  Not to mention how common it is for ladies to gain weight at this time of life. (Ugh!) And as we both know eating better and moving more can help you stave off other issues like heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. What do I specific

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