“I have surpassed even my own expectations.”

“I have surpassed even my own expectations.”  January 22, 2014

It’s one of my favorite times of the month when we feature one of our clients in our program.  

Carlos "Before"

Carlos “Before”

This month we have a very special spotlight.  Carlos Vega served our country for over 21 years in the Marines. 

After sustaining multiple injuries after serving, he was told by his doctors to limit his physical activity.

He’s not only running and lifting weights again in camp, but he’s transformed his health.  He works hard and doesn’t stop.  He inspires and motivates everyone in his classes to give that extra 1% because he leads by example. 

We’re so proud of everything he has achieved and continues to work for.  

Here’s a story you don’t want to miss (in his own words)….

“I joined the Marine Corps at age 17 and spent the next 21 and a half years serving.

Throughout my career my assignments and personal goals required that I maintain a high standard of fitness.

After my retirement, I suffered a serious back injury and herniated two lower discs. Just as I began to improve from that injury, I injured my right shoulder and required surgery, then came my left shoulder, which is still pending surgery.

I was told by the doctors to limit my physical activity and to discontinue running, lifting weights, and high impact exercises.

Well, after 14 years it slowly led to an increase of 4 inches in my waist line and over 30 pounds on the scale.

Carlos "After"

Carlos “After”

I joined Forte Fitness In June to try to get myself back in shape, and did not know what to expect. I knew that being on the receiving end of fitness training would push me much more than doing it on my own.

However, I have surpassed even my own expectations.

In six months I have been able to lose over 27 pounds and much to the demise of my closet, have gone down four sizes in pants.

I have not done any dieting, but I have began eating healthier and staying committed to the training.

Each day I feel better physically and continue to get healthier, thanks to the challenges of the well prepared training programs and coaches of Forte.

I still have further to go on my goals, but I know that I can count on the motivation from my fellow campers who give me the strength each morning to keep going!

To those thinking of committing, I say, this is the best commitment that you can make to yourself.

I have been through lots of physical training during my Marine Corps career and I will admit that this is second to none of them. Go hard or go home.

Remember that pain is only weakness leaving the body! Go for it…”


Thank you Carlos, for sharing your story!  

Please leave Carlos a comment below if he has inspired YOU in class or at home.  

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