Our Team

Alicia Streger, CSCS (Owner, Lead Trainer)

I have been committed to helping people reach their fitness goals for more than 10 years. I graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received my certification in 2003 as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS.) After I was a Personal Trainer for the Sports Club/ LA, I moved back to the east coast, I became an in-home trainer.

I was introduced to the AMAZING world of kettlebell training in 2009 and became RKC certified. I also recently had the opportunity to assist at the Orlando RKC certification!  I  believe that kettlebells are the single greatest and most effective tool that I use in my body transformation programs.

Now living in Orlando, FL, I run various results orientated Fitness Boot Camps and Kettlebell classes. I truly enjoy helping people to succeed and helping them achieve goals they never thought possible.

Keith Streger, AFPA-CPT (Personal Trainer)

I’m a 32 year old firefighter and AFPA certified fitness trainer. Along with the physical demands of being a fireman and EMT, I compete in local and national fitness events including road races, duathlons, charity events, and the National firefighter challenge.

My most recent accomplishment was last November where I won the American Lung Association firefighter stair climb located at the 25-story Bank of America building with a time of 3:49 (full gear and air pack).

I also competed in the National Firefighter Games located in Palm Beach County last year. I won the gold medal in the 1 mile race with a time of 5:19.

I also serve as the fitness coordinator for my city’s fire department, where I design programs, give nutritional guidance, and create workout routines. I have over 8 years of personal training experience working with a wide variety of fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to tone-up or lose some weight, I’m all about incorporating fun with hard work!

Adrienne Witkowski, Client Happiness Specialist :-)

As a mother of two young, beautiful girls, I knew I had to get motivated to live a long, healthy life so I could enjoy all the amazing moments that will come as they grow. I have always lived a pretty active lifestyle, but noticed that my energy level seemed low and I felt there was more room to be a happier, healthier, mom, wife, and woman.

After being lucky enough to have met Alicia, I began to quickly understand that everything I dreamed was possible!  Through her constant motivation, encouragement, and knowledge, I began to get myself on track with my eating habits and work outs, and I feel great! I happily continue my journey to lose weight, eat right, and make sure that my family follows in the healthy footsteps.

So just when you think you need this, or you think you can’t handle this…that is exactly when you jump in…feet first, whole hearted…and leave with the greatest feeling of accomplishment.

I am Adrienne, I am a woman, I am determined…and I am proud to say that I am Forte Fitness’ “Head Admin & Awesomeness Generator.”  I have such a passion for Forte Fitness and all that they stand for. And I am happy to share my passion with you! Come on, jump in…No time is better than now!!!

Latoya Osby, CPT  - Boot Camp Instructor & Personal Trainer

I have been involved in motivational fitness for over 12 years, as I am a Sergeant in the US military. Don’t worry, besides specializing in hardcore workouts; I received my BS degree in Health Science with a concentration on Therapeutic Recreation. I am a CTRS that has provided therapeutic interventions to geriatrics with cognitive impairment for 4 years. I am currently perusing my Master’s in Behavioral Analysis with FIT.

Through my military training I am combat lifesaver and the unit’s physical fitness trainer.  I am a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute who is currently receiving certifications to include Osteoblast, Suspension,  Speedblast, and Kettlebell.

Originally from Louisiana, I have lived all over the nation and believed to be culturally sensitive and diverse.  Although new to the Orlando area, I already love the people and their dedication to quality of life. I am committed to promoting health and wellness through fitness and leisure education.  I look forward to having a truly life changing experience with you.

Rachael Malatesta, CGI – Boot Camp Instructor


I have always been involved with various sports and love being active! I went to Rollins College, played basketball, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

For the past four years, I taught 2nd grade at Saint Margaret Mary, was the assistant athletic director, and coached multiple basketball teams.

After joining boot camp about 2 years ago and loving the workouts, motivation, and healthy lifestyle  I decided to get certified as a group exercise instructor and join the Forte Fitness Team. I still try to make it to class a few times a week when I am not teaching because even after 2 years I still enjoy it! The workouts are always different and never get repetitive or boring!

I love being an instructor at Forte Fitness and look forward to helping individuals in whatever their end goal may be. Whether it is getting stronger, losing weight, or just living a healthy lifestyle in general I am excited to help people achieve their goals!

Stavros Kricos NASM-CPT, NPTI – Boot Camp Instructor, Personal Trainer

“Do or do not, there is no try.”  

downloadI have been passionate about changing the world and myself since 2005. At my heaviest I weighed close to 400lbs and was a heavy cigarette smoker. With death and illness right around the corner at such a young age I decided enough was enough. I wanted to escape the jail cell that was my own mind and body. Through blood, sweat, tears, diet, exercise and a complete lifestyle modification, I DID IT!!!

Overcoming obesity and smoking were the first challenges but last year came my biggest challenge. In April of 2012 I suffered a devastating back injury. MRI revealed a fractured spine and three herniated discs with nerve impingement. This left me bed bound paralyzed and in the worst pain imaginable. I was told in order to walk I would need surgery. I decided to take a holistic approach to healing my own back. I read many books and studied how diet and certain core strengthening exercises can help the body heal itself.  One month after injury I was training again. I DID IT!!!

I decided to change career paths and dedicate my life to helping others and to always lead by an example. I graduated from NPTI as a Personal Trainer and went on to obtain my CPT from NASM.  I am certified in OsteoBlast, Kettlebell, TRX, and SpeedBlast.  I am happily married to my best friend and soul mate Nyaya who you may have met at the camps. We both love Orlando and all that it offers.  I am truly blessed to have met Alicia and Forte Fitness and am very proud to be on the team. I look forward to helping assist anyone with there goals. You CAN do it!

Nicole Filian NASM-CPT, NPTI – Boot Camp Instructor, Personal Trainer

1512547_10202354265931182_87344299_nGrowing up I had a hard time fitting in, especially with sports teams.  I had an enormous passion for fitness, but was way too uncoordinated to make any of the teams and clubs.  So, at a young age I started training myself physically, and made aerobics routines for my family to use for their everyday workouts.

I am proud to admit that most of my exercises I learned from my Mother’s Richard Simmons videos!   I always knew I would pursue a career in the health and fitness, and am more than excited to share my dream for helping others achieve their ultimate wellness potential.

Forte Fitness embodies everything I believe in, and live for.  I am grateful to work with each and every boot camper, client, and fellow Trainer, to strive for a stronger mind, body and soul.  With my education from the National Personal Training Institute, and a national certification from NASM, I am ready to train, motivate, and reach the fitness goals of our Forte Fitness family.