Look no further than Forte Fitness for an effective Orlando workout.

If you are in the Orlando area and seeking a workout that will optimize your overall health, then Forte Fitness has exactly what you are looking for.  At Forte Fitness of Orlando, a variety of workout programs are offered.  These workouts include boot camps at three different locations as well as personal training options.   Both are an integral part of a comprehensive workout program at Orlando’s Forte Fitness.

Whether they care to admit it or not, the predominant reason most overweight people in Orlando (and nationwide) begin a workout regimen is to look good; they aspire to have slim thighs, a defined back, and a firm six-pack among other things.  Despite these desires, however, most people abandon their workout plan long before they have a chance to see results.  So if vanity is not the great motivator, what can provide incentive to follow-though with regular exercise?  Turns out there are several things:

1.    The Body-Mind Connection – Many people are aware that “working out” your brain with crossword puzzles or other intellectually stimulating activities may help postpone the mental pitfalls of aging (such as forgetfulness and confusion).   Fewer are aware that physical exercise can also be helpful in staving off the same.  A 2008 study cited in the Journal of Neuropsychobiology revealed that exercise was successfully used to delay the onset of degenerative mental disorders.  When you exercise, blood flow to the brain increases, allowing for increased mental clarity, making workouts a perfect weapon to add to your arsenal against age-related mental deterioration.

2.    Time to Think – In a frenzied area like Orlando, it is difficult to find time to just think.  Solo exercise provides you with time to reflect on your day, plan for the future, and ruminate over solutions to current problems.  In a workout that allows you to get “in the zone,” your subconscious mind takes over and does some of the work for you.

3.    Social Time – Just as solo exercise can provide opportunity to think, a partner or group workout such as walking or sports can provide you with time to catch up with friends without the trappings of traditional social activities such as meeting for drinks and dinner.  Additionally, exercising with a partner or group inspires motivation via friendly competition and creates a system of accountability; if you bail, you’re letting someone else down.  Members of Forte Fitness Orlando keep coming back for the second family they’ve created – not just the workout.

4.    Overall Health – People who work out are generally better sleepers, have an outlet to reduce stress, have superior strength and endurance, and regularly detoxify their bodies as they sweat.   They also tend to be more aware of what they put in their bodies and, thereby, avoid sabotaging the progress they’ve made with exercise.  Moreover, people who work out enjoy increased longevity, so before you plop down on the couch to watch that third hour of TV, think about who you might leave behind by not taking a brisk walk around the block, instead.

5.    Self-Confidence – While appearance undoubtedly makes us feel more confident, so will the sum of all of the benefits mentioned above!  Imagine being able to chase after a three year-old without being winded or throwing a 50-pound bag of dog food over your shoulder as if it were a down pillow.  Forget the self-loathing that comes from eating an entire bag of crunchy Cheetos after a bad day and, instead, imagine yourself de-stressing on a jog with a good friend.  Increased self-confidence leads to increased performance leads to increased expectation of success leads to increased self-confidence; clearly a cycle that can benefit anyone!

Members of Orlando’s Forte Fitness reap all of the above benefits from their workouts and more.  Additional programs include a monthly Spartan 1000: a race against the clock to complete 100 jump squats, 200 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, and 400 burpees.  For women, there is the six week “Little Black Dress Project” and for all is the 21-Day Belly Blast.  Whatever your reason for seeking a comprehensive Orlando workout – overall health, time for yourself, or to look good – Forte Fitness has something to offer.