Our Team:

Jennifer Montgomery (Owner)ForteFitness_JM-1 copy

Sports and fitness have been central parts of my life for as long as I can remember. I started a career in athletics at a young age by participating in multiple sports including soccer. After graduating high-school, I went on to play Division 1 college soccer at the University of Central Florida. At UCF, I ended my career as an All-American and ranked in record books for all-time stats and seasonal categories. I continued to pursue my career in soccer while playing professionally in Florida and Connecticut. 

I spent time coaching at various institutions such as my alma mater and the Florida Institute of Technology. I took my first full-time coaching position at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, followed by a five year stint at Youngstown State University where I rose through the ranks to become an Associate Head Coach. After YSU, I moved on to Florida Atlantic University where I continued to help young women soccer players get to the next level and compete for Conference Championships.

After a fulfilling, nine-year career in college coaching I decided to change paths and embark on a new journey in the health and fitness industry which led me to Forte Fitness. We are all a part of a wonderful community of people here at Forte Fitness that helps empower one another while providing support, resources and accountability through healthy lifestyle choices.

Here at Forte Fitness, we are a place without ego or judgment. It’s a place where people are challenged to become the best version of themselves and who strive to make each day better than the last. We’re more than just fitness. We truly care about our clients and approach success from a whole perspective. We give our clients ALL of the tools they need to be successful and then hold them accountable to reach their goals.

 Forte Fitness has had the privilege of working with hundreds of people in Central Florida and have helped them to lose hundreds of pounds of fat and shed not only weight, but help them transform into strong and empowered people. 

I am excited to lead a community that is conducive to helping you become healthier than you have ever imagined. Join us and be a part of an energetic environment of like-minded people that are on the same path to a lifetime of optimal health and wellness. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Adrienne Witkowski, Client Happiness Specialistbio pic cut copy[1]

Being with Forte Fitness over 4 years now, has truly been an honor. After having my second baby girl, I knew I needed to step up my game in the energy department! I’ve always lived an active lifestyle, but I wanted more. I want to feel strong, to feel confident, and to share my passion for helping others feel the same way.

At Forte Fitness, I focus my energy on helping our clients with accountability, motivation, and supporting their journey to achieve their goals.

Our clients are awesome! We’ve got an amazing community, where clients are often making lifelong friendships, achieving lifetime goals, and learning things about health and wellness that they will utilize for the rest of their lives.

Forte Fitness continues to be an amazing journey and I can guarantee it’s something you don’t want to miss out on! Our clients come to crave their workouts, to continuously push themselves to be greater, and to amaze us everyday with their awesomeness! 🙂

Andrea Neswiacheny, CPT 
(Boot Camp Instructor & Personal Trainer)

I fell in love with fitness at a young age. I competed and participated in sports all through high school, and continued to play softball for the UCF Knights.
I became addicted to trying to be the fastest and strongest one on the field.  I then decided to change my major from criminal justice to sports and exercise science, specializing in human performance.

While being removed from softball has taken a toll, I look to health and wellness as my escape. I have always believed that fitness is much more than a task at hand but a journey. This journey will only lead you to a fit and healthy lifestyle. I only hope, with the help of Forte Fitness, to help you through this journey.

Forte Fitness has allowed me to take on groups of all sizes and spread the love and joy that can come from working out. I look to continue carrying out the genuine, hardworking and creative approach they have established for as long as I can! See you all soon!

Katie Mercadante, CF-L1, CF-Endurance, CF-Mobility, CF-Kids
(Boot Camp Instructor & Personal Trainer)Katie Bio


I have been a fitness addict all of my life, participating in high school athletics and collegiate co-ed intramural sports.

While earning my degree at the University of Florida, I studied exercise sports sciences to complete pre-physical therapy degree requirements. I spent that time focusing on physical education and adapted physical education and aquatics, learning how to guide children and young adults to become more physically active and safely become fit.

Since graduating college, I became an avid runner and began participating in marathons and half marathons. I added CrossFit to my fitness in 2009. After falling in love with the challenge of new and varied forms of exercise, I was led to pursue my CrossFit certification in February 2012.

Coaching took my love of fitness to a new level, I found that helping others to achieve new levels of athletic accomplishment provided me with an overwhelming sense of purpose and an even greater passion for the sport. Since achieving my Level 1, I have attained certifications in Kids, Mobility, and Endurance, allowing me the opportunity to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of fitness, work with athletes struggling with flexibility and agility issues, and analyze and assist with the training of endurance athletes.

There are no words to properly capture the feeling of helping someone achieve new levels of fitness, reach their goals, and accomplish what they never thought possible. Watching an athlete gain confidence is just an incredible thing. In my mind, fitness and physical activity are keys to, not only physical health, but also mental health peace and mind. And because of this opportunity for impact, I continue to pursue avenues through which I can be part of a greater fitness mission: from coaching as many different aspects of fitness as possible to nutrition and healthy living.

I am so honored to be the Forte Fitness family! This is an amazing opportunity to work with so many awesome athletes and to delve into another challenging and fun form of exercise and fitness! I can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals!

Darrian Shabbazz Pennant,  CPT
(Boot Camp Instructor & Personal Trainer)

Darrian Scott Shabbazz Pennant, better known as Shabbazz is from the Hillsborough County area (near Tampa) but has lived in Orlando for a hair over two decades.

Locally raised, having deep roots in the Downtown and greater Orlando community. He’s an alumni of well known Boone High School. Shabbazz currently attends University of Central Florida, studying Sports & Exercise Science with Human Performance emphasis.

A career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at either the Collegiate or Professional level is the present goal at hand. He previously attended ministry school in Branson, Missouri graduating in 2015. He has spent time living internationally for missionary work  teaching and doing construction to aid local youth. Has spent 3 months out of the past three years in Golden, Missouri serving urban youth through a Christian Sports Organization known as Kids Across America. He currently serves with Straight St. Orlando Homeless Missions and YoungLife’s special needs ministry Capernaum.

Shabbazz has a desire to serve and not be served and it will show in the bootcamps/training sessions he leads. He has a passion for fitness, knowledge of the trade, and he has a fire to see people become in all arenas of life! He loves people, and probably will tell you eventually. He loves and welcomes open/honest criticism from clients. His motto is to “walk in love because I’ve been loved”.