"Forte Fitness has not only helped me set and achieve my fitness goals but has pushed me to set the bar even higher for myself and realize what I can accomplish with good health, clean nutrition, and hard work! The support system, motivation, new friends & relationships and daily encouragement is amazing! I highly recommend Forte Fitness to anyone; no matter your shape, size, weight and fitness goals, because it is a great program for anyone! You WILL fit in, you WILL progress, and you WILL succeed…if you truly want to!" 

- Shelly Gunter

I started boot camp with Alicia in December 2010 after a year of surgeries, and my life has forever changed for the better. I was feeling really "icky" overall and I knew I needed to become healthier. I didn't have a ton of weight to lose, but I needed to start feeling better about myself, and since I started, I feel SO much better about myself, both physically and mentally. Alicia is an incredible person and has always encouraged me to do my best. Never does she make me feel "less than" if I am the last one to finish, but rather she always makes me feel like a rock star for showing up and doing my best. The camaraderie in boot camp has been incredible, too. Alicia's warm and caring personality attracts others with the same qualities and I have made friends for life at boot camp, which makes it even more fun to go work out!

- Lovelle Augustine

"Boot camp is an easy commitment for me — an hour a day for me to exercise my body and mind. I joined Forte Fitness in August 2011. My wife and I just had our first child three months ago (April 2012) and I had to prioritize my daily commitments. Besides my family and work, boot camp was at the top of my list before and it still is. The high-intensity interval training method works, and it works fast. I've made some very close friends in the past year at boot camp — people who share similar goals and a similar lifestyle as me — and to be able to work out with them three or four times a week makes the experience even better." 

- Jason Farmand

"Forte Fitness Boot camp has changed my life drastically. Just six months ago, I was 2 sizes and 20 pounds bigger. It has been a long, hard road, both physically and mentally…but I truly feel great! After having my second child, I was afraid that the extra weight was just going to hang on forever. Since having met Alicia, I realized, though my goal is big, my capability, strength, and drive for success is bigger! Knowing she is with me every step of the way, makes all those steps not seem so impossible!" 

- Adrienne Witkowski

I joined Forte Fitness with the sole intention of getting off the weight related medications I was taking. With guidance from Alicia and her team and my hard work I achieved this goal within 3 months. Since starting I have lost 60 pounds and 10 inches off my waist. What I have gained is a new life and incredible friends that I have met at Boot Camp. Alicia and her team are very motivating, knowledgeable and attentive to my journey. And I have to say the motivation and inspiration I get from my fellow campers has been amazing and they make it fun to come to camp. I still have some road ahead of me but because of Alicia and the friends I have met at Forte Fitness I know I can take it as far as I want to go.

- Noble Bradford

"I’m not sure my story is all that unusual…. As a woman ‘of a certain age’ I struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. Kids, elder parents, work – who’s got time? I’m 53 and come from a long line of short round women! Determined not to be one of them I have worked at it for years – walking, biking, spin classes at the Y – but still after turning 40 I found myself heavier than I’d ever been. I needed something different so I signed up with a personal trainer and finally saw some results. Sadly, when the economy went south – so did my ability to keep the trainer. Unsuccessfully I tried to keep up with strength and cardio training on my own but the weight started creeping back up. I quickly learned that for me I need accountability and the peer pressure of a group setting. On a whim I responded to a ‘Meet Up’ notice to try out a new boot camp group starting up in Baldwin Park – Forte Fitness. I loved it from the start. It was the perfect alternative to having a personal trainer. Alicia challenges her ‘campers’ in a positive way and treats everyone with respect and caring. Each workout is different and always challenging – sort of like playing outside for adults. Since joining Forte Fitness several years ago I’m in better shape than ever – I’m even getting better at running (Alica will tell you that I HATE to run!). I’ve been able to mostly maintain a stable weight but recently with Alicia’s help in tweaking my diet I’ve started to see some pounds drop off – finally. That’s all great, but one of the best things? Being one of the ‘older’ campers it’s always nice when I can kick a younger ‘whippersnappers’ butt! Doesn’t happen very often but it keeps me on my toes. I dragged one of my co-workers, who is 13 years my junior, to camp a few weeks ago and she jokingly said “when I get old I wanna’ be like you!” Made me laugh but one of the best compliments ever! I’d recommend Forte Fitness to anyone looking to take their routine to a new level, have some accountability, in a great positive group atmosphere. Thanks Alicia for making it fun!" 

- Lu Burson

When I started at Forte Fitness 8 months ago, I was going through a difficult time in my life. Going to boot camp helped me through that….the friendliness of other campers, the positive attitudes of all the instructors combined with a challenging workout. It's amazing. I have never felt more motivated to be healthy and fit! 

- Melissa Berube

Approximately 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. The surgeries did a number on me, and I had to undergo some serious reconstruction in my abdomen and pelvic areas. The surgeries were to leave me partially crippled on my left side. As a result, I became inactive and gained approximately 60 pounds. This not only caused issues with my self-esteem, but also caused issues in my relationships with my loved ones. I got sick of feeling the way I have felt for the past 7 years and decided to take a chance on boot camp. I am now down 50 pounds and still working on getting back into shape. I have only been a member of Forte Fitness for a little under three months now. I love the people, the exercise, the encouragement, and the accountability that is involved. I feel SO much better now! Thank you so much, Alicia and crew! You have literally helped me change my life and become a happy person again! From getting to know you over the past three months, I know that means just as much to you as it does to me."

- Neil Payne

"Forte Fitness has by far been the best decision I have ever made for my overall health and well being. Since I joined over a year ago I have lost 30 pounds and become stronger. I never knew I could enjoy working out as much as I do (especially doing it outside) or even imagined I could complete all of the exercises without dying. In the beginning it was tough. I remember one night it was well past the hour for class and I was still going (last one left) but Alicia was there to encourage me to finish. That meant a lot and helped me know this was something I wanted to stay with. Alicia and her growing team have made it so much fun that I see it as a great way to get in shape with a group of incredible people. They constantly come up with new ways to improve/help all that we do including our eating habits. I feel more confident and happy and I'm so grateful for Alicia for kicking my butt and pushing me to push myself. She and her team genuinely care about us and want us to do our best and anyone that joins will not regret making that decision. Thanks Alicia, for helping me get where I am today."

- Serena West

"I used to live a very active lifestyle and managed to keep up with the gym for the most part. But after a year of wedded bliss, I noticed that my clothes were all too tight and I was feeling lethargic and weak. I needed something different. After doing a 3-week trial of boot camp with Alicia and Forte Fitness I was instantly hooked. She and her entire team are amazing, making you feel like pushing yourself harder every workout. I finally, for the first time in years, feel strong and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Having lost 14 inches, 15 pounds, and watching my cholesterol drop by over 40 points I can’t help but want to keep at it. Plus I’ve made some great friends along the way! I would encourage anyone and everyone to take their workout outdoors and join the fun at Forte Fitness!"

- Nicole Donelson

"The words exercise and a healthy diet were never in my vocabulary. Sure, I knew if I wanted to feel and look better I would need to start using these words, but the alternative of being a couch potato and eating junk food seemed so much more fun…. Since joining, it has changed my way of life in more ways than one. I'm pushing myself more than I ever thought was possible. For the past several years I have had an “I can’t do this” attitude. I have let the road blocks of rheumatoid arthritis, depression and anxiety take over the way I live my life and for the first time in a while my mindset has changed for the better. The accountability, motivation and words of encouragement I get from everyone at Forte Fitness are priceless, and I know that is a major part of helping me stick to this new road I find myself on. I know this new journey to a healthier way of living will not happen overnight, but I know I am on a better path, the right path, and it feels good! "

- Becki Culpepper

"I came to Forte Fitness Boot Camp a little under a year ago to get in shape and slim down for my wedding and gained more than I ever could have expected. I not only had to have my dress taken in twice, but I developed a healthy lifestyle and friendships that I never could have Imagined possible through fitness. It didn't end for me after the wedding and the lessons I've learned at boot camp have transcended fitness into all areas of my life. I have truly become a better me thanks to Alicia and everyone at Forte Fitness!"

- Marissa Naslund

I started Forte Fitness April of 2010. I was looking for something fun and more rewarding than the gym which I would pay for and never go. A friend of mine said you have to come with me to boot camp you will love it! And I do! I love the way Alicia pushes each and everyone of us to be the best we can and all the new and (crazy) exercises she has for us every week!

- Jenny Church